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Adoption Process

After viewing our Adoptable Pets – Please contact Advocates 4 Animals or complete the online Cat Adoption Form or Dog Adoption Form to begin the adoption process.


  • Please complete the online application form or contact us to inquire about adopting a specific pet
  • When the application is approved, an Advocates 4 Animals member will contact you and schedule a “meet & greet” with the adoptable pet. The “meet & greet” may be held in your home if you are located in Greene, Montgomery or Warren County, OH or the foster home may prefer that you come to their home to meet the adoptable pet. If you are located outside of this area, arrangements will be made according to the number/location of volunteers we have at that time.
  • At the time of the meet & greet (potential home visit) both the Advocates 4 Animals adoption coordinator and the adoptive family will assess if the pet(s) is a good match for the family/individual adopting the pet. If both parties feel the pet is a good fit, the adoption contract and donation will be collected at that time and the adoption process is complete.
  • Advocates 4 Animals does not adopt pets to individuals under age 25 under any circumstance.
  • Please note: the United States is one of the only remaining countries that still allow cat decalwing. Many veterinarians, after 15+ years of observing cats after surgery and through their life, have come to the conclusion that the benefits for declawing are almost non-existent. Cats that are declawed have: more pain despite how the surgery is performed (which can last for days to week and longer), the vast majority of decalwed cats that are in shelters are surrendered because of behavioral problems that many veterinarians believe it directly linked to declawing. For more information on Cat Declaw, please click herePLEASE NOTE: There is a great alternative! SOFT PAWS are soft nail caps that prevent cat scratching and eliminate the need for declawing. Soft Paws are easy to apply and can be purchased online. In addition, Sticky Paws are a *wonderful* product (much like double-sided tape to use on the corners of furniture, etc. to discourage scratching). When used temporarily, we have had 100% success rate with Sticky Paws in stopping cats from scratching here at A4A in foster homes. We highly recommend this affordable and easy to use product.
  • All individuals living in the home must agree to adopt the pet into their home.
  • If Advocates 4 Animals determines that the pet is not a good fit for the potential adopter, this will be discussed at the time of the home visit. Advocates 4 Animals has the right to deny adoption to any individual/home they find unfit.
  • Every pet is different. Some pets have highly specialized needs (ie: type of environment, other pets, etc.) while others adjust easily to various environments. Felines typically take 2-6 weeks to begin adjusting to their new home. All pets have been housed in foster homes while they wait to find a home to call their very own. All adoptable rescue pets are up to date on shots, treated for the prevention of ear mites, fleas and worms and have been spayed/neutered.
  • Advocates 4 Animals requires a minimum adoption donation of $75.00 for cats and kittens. The adoption donation assists us in rescuing and rehabilitating additional homeless pets. Our organization is run solely on donations. Without your support we could not continue our efforts!


Please note that adopting a pet is a commitment for the duration of the pets life (cats live an average of 14-20 years). Please be sure you and each of your family members are fully committed to the feline adoption. Like people, pets are not perfect – they require love, devotion, commitment, and above all patience. There may be times when issues may arise such as clawing on furniture, urinating outside of the litterbox (this occurs usually when there is a health problem such as a urinary infection), allergies, new additions to the family, moving to a new location or another issue that may be frustrating as a pet owner.

Also, please note: If you have small children in the household, it is important to educate your children on how to properly treat and be kind to your new cat. Too many times, we have had families with small children adopt a cat, only to return it within a short time- because the cat nibbled on their fingers or the children played too rough with the cat. PLEASE CAREFULLY CONSIDER all aspects of pet ownership and how this change will impact and effect ALL current members in your household prior to moving forward with adoption. Cats will nibble, claw, play, jump on furniture, meow and be full of energy at times. In adopting a pet, we accept the good with the bad and commit to working with the feline through the bad. Adjusting to multiple new environments is difficult and stressful on the feline, therefore we make every attempt to find a forever home for our adoptable pets. Please be certain that you have considered all aspects of owning and caring for a rescue pet for the duration of their life – through both good and bad.

Please contact Advocates 4 Animals and introduce yourself OR complete the online cat or dog adoption application. Please be sure to let us know which pet you are interested in potentially adopting. We will respond within 48 hours of your request. Thank you for adopting a rescue pet!

Featured Success Story

Featured Success Story: Garth

Trying his best to survive among 40+ other stray and abandoned cats at a busy apartment complex located just feet away from a highway, Garth spent his days literally dodging bullets from apartment residents who shot at the cats “for fun”. Some residents chased, kicked and tortured the innocent felines. To add to the situation, none of the cats were spayed/neutered- which caused regular fighting between male cats and constant kittens being born in the area. A senior citizen living in one of the apartment buildings started to feed the cats and soon she was told that the local pound was coming in to capture the cats and euthanize them in an effort to control the issue at the apartment. Desperate to help the cats, the kind senior citizen contacted over fifty no-kill rescue organizations in search of help. Only one rescue answered her plea - and that was A4A . Several months later, all of the cats at the apartment complex were successfully rescued and vetted. Most were in need of serious socialization and emotional rehabilitation. Garth had been so badly abused that he would attack any human when he saw their hands. The veterinarian we were working with at the time told us that we would never be able to rehabilitate him. In addition, he had a back leg that he pulled behind him- from a prior broken bone that had since healed. But A4A founders had a strong feeling that Garth could be rehabilitated in every way- thus began Garth’s journey. Garth was given his own private bedroom in an A4A foster home and had 24/7 care. The first month- he attacked every time you entered the room. He was terrified. Yet he would look at the volunteers as if he so badly wanted to be petted, he was just too scared to trust. Slowly we earned his trust by placing tasty food out for him- with our hands- so that he could correlate hands with something good, instead of something horrible. With much persistence, this tactic worked. After several months of small, but noted progress, Garth allowed us to pet him. Several months later, he sat on our laps and several months after that he was getting along with all humans, with other cats and with dogs! We could hardly believe the amazing transformation he had made. Soon thereafter Garth was adopted into the most wonderful home to call his very own. Thinking he would be nervous about the transition on adoption day, A4A volunteers prepared his adopter. But when Garth arrived to his forever home, he immediately jumped on his humans lap, began purring and we don’t think he has ever stopped since! Without a doubt, Garth will always have a special place in our hearts.